Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Misguided by intermittency

I was completely flabbergasted by a what I thought should be rather simple to do. which is bluetooth on Linux. Well I bought a USB bluetooth dongle, and tried connecting my recently purchased Samsung Duo mobile using Ubuntu/8.10. Strangely I could not discover the mobile. Even strange was that I could detect other laptops, and bluetooth headsets. But not my mobile. My mobile however could discover my system's bluetooth. But I could not get pairing working. Eventually managed to install Blueman, was able to discover my mobile. I managed to connect. But just once. Never again. I tried using it in Windows XP, and guess what I was able to connect but just once.

After wasting hours, I gave up. Then when I was installing Intrepid on someone's laptop which had bluetooth, I was able to discover my mobile without any problem whatsoever. Repeated attempts confirmed that bluetooth was working fine with my mobile. I later got a bluetooth stereo headset with a2dp profile. I could use it with my mobile without any problems. I could also get it to work on Windows XP. But again just once. Then I began to get suspicious about the bluetooth dongle. Well off I went to buy another, less expensive one. And without any problem I could connect to my mobile, also to my headset on Linux. The same case with Windows XP.

For a person who never had problems getting hardware to work, using a bluetooth seemed to be a tough nut to crack; thanks to the intermittent dongle. Fortunately for me my ego is still intact. All along I was suspecting incompatibilities with the mobile's bluetooth profiles. Anyway here is what I feel is the moral of the story : "If it is too difficult to setup, it's most likely broken."

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