Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A personal review/opinion on "Learning Java"

I really have no idea what to title this post. During 2002-2003, I made an attempt to learn Java and so I bought a book titled Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days. I gave up after coming across the Jabberwocky example. While it was one of the worst books in my opinion to learn Java from, I personally had a grouse against Java. It was slow, buggy, primarily advertised for applet development and in my opinion too hyped up. And applets those days would bring my computer to a crawl. I preferred C/C++ any day over it. And then I moved on to learning some Python. While pursuing my Master's program in the area of Speech signal processing during 2004-2007, MATLAB became my primary "Programming Language" while occassionally dabbling in C++ and Python. Somehow I never experience the same joy while using MATLAB as I would in C/C++/Python. Fast forward to few months back; I never understood why Java was the primary language on Android. I wouldn't if I was not forced to start learning it to handle some project commitments. And this time I used the book Learning Java from O'Reilly publishers. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed reading the book as well as coding in Java. The authors Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen have done a very good job of keeping mundane things out and focusing on covering what is important for a programmer/developer. For a change I actually like Java now (cause the hype has sufficiently died down) though not as much as I would Python.